Hello, Digital Ocean!

I recently switched this blog to using Digital Ocean for hosting, so please let me know if you notice anything broken.

On a side note, Digital Ocean is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs web hosting. You know how Github makes working with Git repos so pleasant? Digital Ocean does the same thing for web hosting. Down to step-by-step documentation for everything you need to do.

If you’re looking for hosting, try Digital Ocean. (They aren’t paying me for this or anything, I’ve just never had such an positive experience with hosting provider. Or, really, any positive experience with a hosting provider.)

On the flip side: Hostmonster is terrible. Never use Hostmonster. They verify your identity over the phone by asking for your password (!), autogenerate several .html files in your document root that you cannot delete, and nickle-and-dime you for stupid things.

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