Finished The Definitive Guide

Or at least the writing it, it still has to be tech edited, “real” edited, illustrated, formatted, etc. The second edition is going to be about 400 pages (almost twice the length of the first edition), with majorly expanded sections on sharding, replication, and server administration.


Now, some mea culpas:

To those of you who sent me schemas: I’m sorry if I never got back to you! I decided to go in a different direction and ended up not using any of them. Sorry to waste people’s time (but they were fascinating to read).

To those of you who sent in a schema and I asked for your mailing address: I forgot to forward those emails to my personal account before leaving 10gen so I’ve lost the addresses. Please resend your address to my personal email (k dot chodorow at gmail dot com).

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  • codecraig

    Congrats on completing the book, I look forward to getting a copy when it becomes available!

  • Do you need a windows tech editor?

  • kristina1

    I don’t think so, but thank you!

  • kristina1


  • This weekend is tech review weekend, I swear – already have the draft on the Kindle, I just need to get done with this pesky traveling for work then I can concentrate 🙂

    Congrats on the completion!

  • kristina1

    Thank you!  Take your time, I’m enjoying the time off!

  • Should I wait for the second edition? I’m learning MongoDB now and really need a book (and classes!). I can get the first edition now but if the second edition is worth waiting for, I’ll wait.

  • kristina1

    I’d recommend MongoDB in Action if you need a book _right now_. You should also check out 10gen’s free online classes:

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