TDG Update

Screen shot of my PDF viewer with TDG’s titlebar

I just hit 300 pages! (O’Reilly has a nice system where it automatically compiles my XML into a PDF, so I can obsessively check page count). The last edition topped out at just over 200 pages, which was nice: you could actually sit down and read the thing in a reasonable amount of time and not have your lap fall asleep.

I don’t think this edition is going to be small enough to do that because MongoDB itself has gotten bigger. I couldn’t cover all of the things a developer needs to know in less than, well, 300 pages (and I’m not even close to done). I feel like Mike and I did a good job covering MongoDB two years ago (I’ve had to change almost nothing in the first few chapters), but it’s just a larger product now.

Finally, thank you to everyone that sent me schemas! I got a lot bigger response than I expected and I’m running way behind on getting back to people, so I’m sorry if I haven’t emailed you back yet! However, I really appreciate all of your contributions.

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