I Never Thought I’d Be On a Book

I’ve pretty much disappeared for the last few weeks because I’ve been finishing up MongoDB: The Definitive Guide, now available for pre-sale! It’s a comprehensive reference to MongoDB which should be useful for everyone, from a beginner who has never touched the database before to a core MongoDB developer (or so two have claimed… I’m a bit skeptical).

This book covers everything from getting started with MongoDB to developing your app to sending it into production safely and securely. Mike and I have been helping users with MongoDB for a couple years now and this is a compilation of answers to the most common questions, warnings about the usual traps people fall into, and comprehensive coverage of important or interesting subjects.

Also, for regular readers of my blog: remember that zero-points-of-failure sharding setup post I promised? It’s in the book. In fact, pretty much every great technical topic I’ve thought of in the last 6 months has gone into the book, so go get your copy now!

  • Congrats ! =)

  • Taro Nishino

    Hi, Kristina

    I've already preordered, and I'm looking forward to getting the copy.

    Taro Nishino

  • kristina1

    Thank you! It should be out early September.

  • Riyer22

    Hi Kristina,

    When the book comes out next month, will it cover version 1.61? Thanks

  • Anonymous

    It covers “through 1.6.” We managed to cover a lot of the new features although we don’t go too into depth on the very new stuff. There are chapters on sharding and replica sets.

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