Adventures in Ramen

Last night, I was exhausted.  When Andrew and I got home, he wasn’t hungry, so I made some ramen.  I have this special way I make ramen where I microwave it until the noodles are soft, then stir fry them.  It’s really good.

We were sitting around, reading the internets, when Andrew said, “Do you smell smoke?”

We looked towards the kitchen, where there was smoke billowing from the microwave.

“Oh crap!” I said.

He leaped up, rushed into the kitchen, hit the stop button, and started choking on the smoke.   “Did you put in any water?” he coughed.

“Oh crap!”  I went a few steps towards the kitchen, inhaled a bunch of smoke, and decided he had the situation under control.

When he opened the microwave door, smoke poured out.  Sitting at the bottom of the bowl was a briquette of ramen that was pitch black and smoking.  Andrew filled the bowl with water in the sink.  It hissed and steamed, eventually turning into a brown sludge around the burned ramen.

The crisis was over, but the apartment stunk.  There was so much smoke it looked foggy.  We opened all the windows, turned on the fan, and still could barely breathe.

“Shall we go out for dinner then?” I asked.


Luckily, we live on a street with 14 different ramen places.  It was delicious.

“You know, you almost set the apartment on fire cooking noodles,” Andrew pointed out.

It’s going to be a while until I live this one down.

  • Ganbhu

    A ramen well done indeed 🙂

  • I now know what to bring with me on the off chance I ever meet you in person!

  • Anonymous

    Ramen isn’t that great, even unburned 🙂

  • Paul Barry

    Well, it could’ve been worse… like trying to cook a Ruby book, which is what happened to me: (BTW – nice post of Mongo/chess integration).

  • Anonymous

    Haha, glad I’m not the only one 🙂

    Thank you!

  • Just found this gem now. It takes a special level of nerdery to be able to be unironically proud of “this special way I make ramen” I salute you!

  • kristina1

    Nerdy?  Moi?


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